Noha Suleiman

Beirut’s Iconic Kaakeh Square Makes Its Way To Cairo

The Beirut-based Lebanese bakery Kaakeh Square has just opened a branch at Arabella Plaza – Cairo, a unique upscale location in the heart of New Cairo.

Known for their unique square-shaped pastries stuffed with delectable fillings, the “kaake” is ideal for a breakfast, lunch, or suhour! The Cairo branch has a large dining area with antique wooden chairs, boasting a cozy and traditional atmosphere.

Whether you opt for a kaakeh with melted kashkawan cheese, Bulgarian cheese and veggies, or their zaatar filled pastries, you’re bound to be impressed. For a more filling meal, we recommend the chicken Caeser kaakeh or the kofta kaakeh!

The restaurant also has many sweet options on the menu, with kaakes filled with halawa, Nutella, and jam fillings to name a few.

And if you’re a more devoted sweet tooth, try their kaake filled with a cheesy slice of kunafah. It is topped with rose water syrup, crunchy pistachio, and rose petals for the ultimate kaakeh dessert!

Kaakeh Square has already gained a cult following for its delicious bakes and iconic breakfas5t dishes. Be sure to check them out between 9 AM and 11 PM! Ordering online through Talabat is also available for those unable to make it to the bakery in person.