The Most Expressive Egyptian Words In Honor Of Arabic Language Day

The Egyptian dialect of Arabic has some hilariously unique and expressive phrases. In honor of Arabic Language Day, which is celebrated every year on December 18th, we’re going to list yu some of the most interesting (and hilarious) phrases in Egyptian Arabic.

Do you know the words that Egyptians use when they’re in a fight or when they flirt?

Here are some hilarious fighting phrases:

1. Ya el-dal3adi: used to insult the person in front of you, meaning that the person in front of them is their enemy.

2. Afrosh el-mlaya: usually used by Egyptian women, meaning she was ready to fight. It refers to the black abaya women wore mid-20th century that was taken off and sit on it if she wanted to fight.

3. Shoubash: refers to the statues placed on the graves of the deceased that are believed to be reciting prayers. Nowadays it means “repeat after me and mark my words”.

4. Rajol mka7ka7: someone that has become old, useless, or of little value

5. Ya 3ara: a bad person with poor morals and everyone must be ashamed of them

6. Zeeta w zambleeta: screaming and noise

7. Marmata: used to threaten someone, meaning you will cause them a lot of pain and humiliation. It is of Pharaonic origin.

8. Shalaq: refers to women who frequently fight loudly and use swear words

9. Ent bi2a awy: describes a person who uses vulgar language, a lot of swear words, and doesn’t know how to behave properly in public

10. Flan da sharabo kharj: the person is useless, neither “loose nor tied”. People also say kheekha.

11. Albes 3ashan kharjeen: “we are in a crisis”. People also say nalbos fi el-7eet.

12. Al-shakrmoon taakh fi el-trarlolli; refers to a big failure or horrible situation. The phrase was inspired by Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in his movie “Al-Kayf”.

Here are some more words/phrases used for flirting or to ask for a tip:

1. Mazza: used to flirt with a beautiful girl, comparing her to the moon because of her immense beauty.

2. El-bent jamda: a beautiful woman

3. Fashkhara : used when someone is bragging

4. Wahala hala 3ala al-jad wal-jad hala hala 3aleha: halawa or sweetness!

5. Ahlan yalooloo: used to welcome a beautiful girl

6. Mabroom 3ala mabroom ma yrolesh: used to compliment someone’s intelligence, meaning they cannot be deceived easily

7. Kalam 3enab: used when what someone said was convincing and on point

8. Fein el-shay: used to request for a tip

9. Kol sana wa ent tayeb ya sa3adat al-basha: another way to ask for a tip, disguised as an innocent greeting

10. Shoubesh: used to wish for happiness, especially to newlyweds or when there is a newborn baby

Are there any phrases you didn’t know before? Let us know in the comments!