Karlos Anis

4 Characteristics Of Every Egyptian Husband

Most of the Egyptian husbands share the same characteristics, can you relate?

1. Confidence

An Egyptian man’s ego makes him believe he’s the most handsome man to ever walk the earth (but like, no!).

3. Bad temperament

Egyptian men are always pressed about financial problems and immediately lash out on their closed ones. Cool…

2. Tenderness

Egyptian husbands are known for being romantic and here’s an explanation. He’ll wake up in the morning and ask very calmly about his breakfast before he leaves for work *sarcasm*.

4. Neglecting ones appearance after marriage.

After marriage, they’ll always develop a dad body with a “keresh” and will forever defend it. “I don’t care about appearances” but insists on pressuring his wife about hers #doublestandards.