جوانا دوره

Check Out These Egyptian Phrases And Their Hilarious Literal Translations

We Egyptians have this crazy talent for coming up with words and phrases that are totally mind-boggling and can’t even be translated into other languages without sounding totally ridiculous.

Check out this list of phrases that prove that Egyptian Arabic isn’t playing the same game as other dialects. Ps: they’ll make you feel bad for those learning Egyptian Arabic.

1.”Haga tehar’a el dam”

Literal Translation: “Something that burns your blood”

It sounds frightening, don’t you think?!

Meaning: “something that pisses you off”

2. “ibn nas/bent nas”

Literal Translation: “son of people/daughter of people”

Uh, isn’t everyone a son or a daughter of somebody?

Meaning: “someone who’s well-raised by their parents”

3. “El chanta di bee’a awy”

Literal Translation: “This bag is very environment”


Meaning: “This bag is very cheap-looking”

4. “Nayem fi l ‘asal”

Literal Translation: “Someone sleeping in honey”

No, no one is taking a honey bath here.

Meaning: “Someone is in a state of indifference”

5. “Ya ‘ami ishtari dmaghak “

Literal Translation: “Uncle, buy your brain”

Are we the only ones picturing a pickup truck selling heads?

Meaning: “Don’t get into an argument regarding a trivial matter”

6. “Li daraga di ma’ndaksh dam?”

Literal Translation: “Do you not have blood at all?”

Oh come on, what kind of question is that?

Meaning: “Are you this insensitive?”