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5 Of Cairo’s Best Thrift Stores

Sustainable fashion is the new trend as we all work to optimize our spending habits and opt for environmentally friendly choices. Switching from fast-fashion (which is mass produced and geared towards waste) to thrifting can be one of the most environmentally conscious and budget-friendly decisions.

That’s why, if you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe on a budget while opting for an environmentally-friendly approach, we’ve listed our top recommendations for where to go secondhand thrift shopping in Cairo. Check them out and let us know which you love!

  1. The Space

Tucked away in Maadi, The Space boasts a selection of thrifted local Egyptian products. From vintage evening dresses to cute and funky T-shirts, this spot has something for everyone! Make sure you check out their pre-loved vintage accessories too for some exceptional finds.

2. Wekala Online

If you don’t dare to venture through the bustling streets of El Wakala, this one’s for you. In an attempt to slow down fast fashion, Wekala Online offers a variety of fashionable handpicked secondhand clothing items in various styles and sizes in an attempt to give them a second chance at being loved by a new consumer! Browse from the comfort of your couch.

3. Kvell Vintage

This place is going to help you while you undertake your no-waste fashion journey! At this magnificent store, you will find a wide selection of globally-sourced unique and utterly stylish vintage clothing every week! Whether you’re going for a bold youthful outfit or professional work wear, at Kvell Vintage you’ll find what you need.

4. Thrifter In Pink

Thrifter In Pink was founded in 2020 and delivers to both Cairo and Alexandria. While strictly online, this shop has made thrifting from the comfort of your couch so easy. On their account full of fashionable, cute, and affordable pieces, you can also sell your own clothing items! You never know what wonderful piece you might find.

5. Cairo Thrift

Delivering free of charge to their customers in Cairo and Alexandria, this flea market definitely knows where to get top-notch secondhand stuff that Egyptians love! They pick the finest thrifted rare finds in the city to sell them online to their beloved environmentally-conscious customers.