Sherouk Magdy

Hilarious Egyptian Ramadan Ads That’ll Make You Nostalgic!

If you’ve ever experienced the delightful chaos of Ramadan in Egypt, you’ll know that it’s a month filled with laughter, family, and unforgettable TV ads. So, grab your favorite cushion, get comfy, and let’s take a trip down memory lane with some side-splitting Egyptian Ramadan ads that still have us chuckling!

1. Al-Arousa Tea – 2015

The most hilarious questions we ask daily all in one Egyptian Ramadan ad!

2. Nestle Cream Egypt (2013)
3. Crunch (2015)

Generation gap at its best!

4. Etisalat Misr: The Genie is Better in Green – 2016

Calling out competitors? Etisalat Misr sure knows how to do it smoothly!

5. KitKat Egypt – 2015

The break is much needed here, isn’t it?

6. Sprite (2011)
7. Midea (2017)
8. Etisalat – 2014