Karlos Anis

10 Popular Egyptian Sayings Still Used Today

Because there’s a popular saying for each situation. 1. “2akhrat khedmat alghaz 3al2a”

Translation: The result of being helpful is a disaster.

2. “Baraka ya game3 elli gat menak ma gat meni”

Translation: When you’re waiting for something to happen after you’ve done your part.

3. “Tibat alnar tusbe7 ramad”

Translation: Even fire will dwindle down into ash, meaning, all problems will eventually be solved.

4. “Jak el mot ya tarek el sala”

Translation: When something unexpected hits you while you weren’t ready, like when you haven’t studied anything all year and you sit for the final exam.

5. “Al 7aya fi el rigal yureth alfoqor”

Translation: People who are too shy to ask for something that’s rightfully theirs will eventually lose.

6. “Dukhool el 7amam mosh zay khrugo”

Translation: The start of something is not like its ending.

7. “Eli ma ya3rafshi yqool 3adas”

Translation: When people interfere in things they know nothing about.

8. “E7na dafnino sawa”

Translation: When two people share the same secret.

9. “Rej3it Rima la 3adeta al adeema”

Translation: When someone goes back to an old habit, especially a bad one.

10. “Eli 3ala raso risha”

Translation: The guilty one.