Ahmad Lateif

10 Phrases In Every Egyptian Mom’s Dictionary

Some phrases are just central to an Egyptian mother’s dictionary, here are ten! 1. And if I come and find it? Anywhere between 5 and 20 dinars that you either get sneakily given or you get in a white envelope. The graduate will always fake rejecting the money (although they’re secretly thrilled), until they finally accept. 2. May God grant me patience 3. Nefsy Afra7 Beek Ba2a (I want to celebrate you!) Every Egyptian mom’s major hurdle: getting their kid married off. 4. You don’t answer unless I call you ya zift 5. Put that piece of trash down and go study! At our phones. 6. I’m leaving this house! Used most often when you’re fighting with your siblings! 7. Do I look like your housekeeper? 8. Sit up straight! 9. Take the trash on your way out. Can’t leave the house without being tasked something. 10. Your dad is right there, deal with him! A threat for when you’re asking for things they don’t want to give you. We love our Egyptian moms!