Karlos Anis

5 Types Of People You Meet On The Metro In Egypt

If you’re a Cairo resident who regularly uses the metro, then you’ve definitely met at least one of these people:

1. The quiet one:

Probably your favorite person on the metro. They always have their headphones in, listening to music and minding their own business.

2. The shopper:

This person treats the metro like a shopping mall, always on the lookout for something to buy. They’ll even start recommending stuff for people around them.

3. The very annoying one:

This person will spend the entire metro ride loudly talking on the phone. By the time you arrive, you’d have learned everything there is to know about them.

4. The group who think they’re on a field trip:

In the eyes of these people, the metro is not a means of transportation but rather a field trip to be enjoyed. They’ll spend the whole ride chatting, laughing, singing, and even snacking.

5. The one in a hurry:

All through the trip, they’ll be checking on the exit doors to make sure they can make it out in time.