10 Things You Hear During Every Family Lunch In Egypt

1. This isn’t the way you eat normally This comes after they pile on a ton of food onto your plate. 2. Did your grades come out yet? Exam period wouldn’t have even started. 3. Are you not planning on working anymore? 4. I found you a bride/groom 5. Great having you all here Normally followed by periods of silence. 6. You didn’t finish your plate, you clearly hate my cooking This is normally after the 10th time you refill. 7. I forgot to heat the bread, can you grab some? Don’t you dare say no. 8. Sofra dayma The person who finishes first before they rush off to smoke. 9. Get us some water Somehow everyone remembers they need water as soon as you start eating. 10. Someone make us some coffee/tea Which prompts everyone to run away/look busy.