Karlos Anis

5 Iconic Shows From Every Egyptian’s Childhood

Egyptians who grew up during the 80s and 90s will remember these iconic shows!

1. Bakkar

Possibly the most well known Egyptian cartoons particularly around Ramadan! They tell the story of a Nubian kid and his goat Rashida. You can still hear Mohammad Mounir’s voice saying BAKKAAAAR, right?

2. Al Moughameeroon al Khams

Telling the tale of five youngsters who help Dr. Allam protect his time freezing clock, with the evil Dr. Fay trying to steal the clock.

3. Bouji w TamTam

There isn’t a single Egyptian kid who hasn’t seen this show! With 18 parts, this show is nostalgia at its finest.

4. Alam Semsem

Since it first aired in 1997, this show saw major success and the little chant is always stuck in our heads

5. Qosas al Anbia2

Launching in the late 90s, this show appealed to kids and adults alike! It simplified the stories of prophets and represented them in a fun way.