5 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Work

A workplace is often filled with all types of colorful characters, all of which you’ll eventually learn to cope with. But there are 5 main types that you’re bound to meet no matter what you do. Check them out! 1. The workaholic:

This person cares about work and nothing else. They don’t care about making friends or getting to know one another, and they mind their own business at all times. They show up to work, finish what they have to do, and leave. 2. The talkative one:

It doesn’t matter if you’re drowning in tasks and deadlines, this person will still find a way to tell you all about the mundane details of their everyday life. The only way to survive them is by plugging in your headphones at all times. 3. The curious one: This colleague has one mission only: find out everything, even if it doesn’t concern them. They want to know it ALL. Your breakfast order? Yes. Your cat’s surgery date? Of course. The color of your underwear? YUP. 4. The sneaky one: This is the type of person that you should be careful around. They don’t necessarily talk a lot around you, but they know exactly what information to pass on to get you in trouble so they can beat you in the job. 5. The supportive one: This is the sweetest type of all. They genuinely want to help people, with no hidden agenda. Hold onto this one!