Karlos Anis

10 Types Of People You’ll Meet In University

Whether you’re still a student or you already graduated, here are 10 types of people you’ve met in university.

1. The Intellectual

Mysterious and silent, don’t bother even ask them to speak louder because you won’t understand what they’re talking about anyway. They love Mohamad Darwiche and they’re constantly living an existential crisis.

2. The Desperate

They only care about classes that their crush attends, and so spend their university years ditching courses and chasing their crush instead.

3. The Helpful

The most popular and loved student on campus, this one helps everyone around. Studies, trips, activities, and more, you can rely on this student to help you with anything you need.

4. The Hyper

They can never stand straight if you’re speaking to them, they’re always in a hurry, and they’re all over the place trying to finish 100 tasks at once.

5. The Nerd

You can find this one sitting in the front row in class, always in a deep conversation with the professor. They’re always holding papers and books and you can find them in groups of smart students.

6. The Fashionista

Full makeup and dressed in brands from head to toe, this one is an Instagram influencer (or so she believes).

7. The Soulmate Seeker

They only attend classes to find their soulmate and eventually get married.

8. The Nag

You can find this one nagging ahead of exams and panicking over how they’re going to fail.

9. The Calm One

They come into university early in the morning for a cup of tea and a cigarette. You can find them walking around campus and saying hi to everyone, but you’ll never see them in class because it stresses them out.

10. The Bullies

All they do is gossip about everyone and everything. Every time a fight breaks out on campus, they’re in the middle of it. Steer clear away from them.