Maha Mohamed

7 Things You Hear From Your Egyptian Family About Your High School Results

The phase of finishing high school and preparing for college is already stressful enough without the added pressure of your family and what they have to say. Here’s an example of things you might hear from your Egyptian relatives before your school results come out. 1. Are you a science or a literature student? You’re really asking me this question after 3 years of studying? 2. Whoever studied, studied. It’s too late to worry now. My bad, I shouldnt have opened up about how Im stressed over the results. 3. Which university do you want to go to? Know that whatever your answer is, they will judge you. 4. After all the money your parents have spent on you, this is the school you choose? And then they compare you with cousins and relatives you never knew you had. 5. What have people done with their college degrees? Nothing. Thanks for encouraging me to pursue an education. 6. College life is so much easier, you’ll see. LIES. 7. High school is such a waste of time. Well too bad I still need a high school degree if I want to go to college.