Sherouk Magdy

5 Things Every Egyptian Woman Has Said At Least Once

Egyptian women are known for being unique, powerful, and giving… but that’s not the only thing that makes them stand out.

There are certain phrases that every Egyptian women has said at least once, and here are some of them:

1. “Take the garbage with you”

A request that every Egyptian woman has made to every man in her life.

2. “I’ll leave and you’ll never see me again”

Mostly a “mom” sentence, this is used as an extreme threat in very bad situations. They just know how much their presence means to their families.

3. “I spend all my time cooking and no one eats! Do you think you’re in a hotel?”

You’ll spend most of your life hearing this sentence, because you can’t say “no” to homemade food.

4. “What if I find it?”

You can never tell an Egyptian mother that you lost something because she’ll see it as a challenge – one that she will always win.

5. “Saaaaave the laundry”

The first thing you’ll hear from an Egyptian women when it starts raining. Instead of going out to enjoy walking or dancing under the rain, they run to save the laundry from getting wet.