Karlos Anis

Things You’ve Definitely Experienced If You’ve Used The Egypt Metro

The Egyptian metro is filled with hilarious situations and stories. Whether you ride the metro every day, or use it once in a while, you’ve definitely experiences some of these situations! 1. The Air Conditioned Metro Since we got air conditioned metros, all hell broke loose. You ride headed towards martyr’s station and you end up on Al-Sayeda Zainab. WHAT’S GOING ON? 2. Sales people get creative! You’ll find the most creative slogans at the metro station’s sales people! A local favorite is the toy salesman who says his toys will please both Hamada and Mayyada! And we can’t forget the guy showing us how to use the eggplant hallowing machine, right there on the metro. Classic! 3. Beggars If you regularly ride the metro, you’ll probably recognize a bunch of the same beggars who tell you the same insane stories. 4. The last carriage is always empty? Think again. If it is your first time in our glorious metro, you’ll find yourself heading to the last carriage expecting it to be empty. Well, just know that there are a million other people who think just like you, and that there are no empty carriages. Ever. 5. The endless gender disputes We all know women have to fight for their space on those coed metros, and its probably the only time you’ll find men wanting equality with women! 6. This is the women’s carriage! Who amongst us hasn’t hopped onto the ladies’ metro while in a hurry and in that moment found themselves transformed into Adel Imam in Ameer AlZalam in the scene where he accidentally hops onto the ladies’ carriage and is totally surrounded? May you make it safely to the next stop! 7. Keep your studying at home The metro is part of any students study cycle apparently! And right around exam period, you’ll feel surrounded by students huffing and puffing. 8. Rush Hour We’re of course talking about the insanity that occurs at the metro doors at 8 AM! Here, it’s each man for himself, or you’re not going anywhere. 9. Stuck on you Lost your ticket? Don’t have enough cash? Either you pay the fine or you try to stick to the person right in front of you. Good luck with the fine either way. 10. What the heck am I doing here? Usually happening after work or school, you’re chilling and doze off only to hear a voice telling you, “final stop” and you’ll instantly want to scream.