Maha Mohamed

10 Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

If you’re a 90s kid, then you definitely remember these things. 1. Atari Games You spent all your free time playing Super Mario and Sindibad. If you didn’t own a computer, you went to your cousin’s house to play there. 2. Yomyat Wanees The whole family would sit to watch this show together. 3. Spacetoon Remember Detective Conan and Captain Majed? 4. Ali and Mona The stars of all our English books and lessons. 5. TV ads 90s ads were something else entirely. 6. 90s songs Kol l banet bethbbak, kol el banet helween was a classic! 7. The games we used to play When you weren’t fishing, you were playing snakes and ladders. 8. Mickey’s Magazine We used to read these ALL THE TIME! 9. Mama Najwa Remember her show? She taught us so much! 10. Selah El Telmeez Every student remembers having this book at home.