Marwa El Kastawy

Types Of Egyptian People At Weddings – Part Two

Because you loved the first part, we’re back with a part two. 1. The Lucky Charm This one always manages to leave weddings with a new group of friends. 2. The Ultras This group shows up only when the belly-dancer takes the floor. With all their enthusiasm, you’d think they’re cheering on a football team. 3. The bride and groom’s siblings Although they haven’t introduce themselves as the siblings, you can automatically tell. 4. The Fashionista She’ll pace the venue back and forth until she has the perfect shot. So stay out of her way. 5. The bride’s best friends You’ll find them clinging on the microphone every chance they get, either reciting a poem about true friendship or telling a childhood story. 6. The groom’s best friends The epitome of comedy. You’ll find them carrying the groom over their heads and having the time of their lives. 7. The Bridesmaids Easy to spot, just find the group of girls in matching dresses shadowing the bride. 8. The group of singles You might hear a sniffle or two coming from their table, but mind your own business when you do. It’s not easy being single.