Maha Mohamed

13 Things That Every Egyptian Mother Says

Whether your Egyptian mother is sweet, strict, or even both, these 13 phrases are definitely part of her dictionary. 1. Wear your slippers don’t walk around barefoot. 2. Don’t stand in front of the fan you’ll catch a cold. 3. I just want to see what you’ll do without me. 4. You’re just like your father. Usually when you or your siblings have messed up. 5. Don’t break my heart. 6. I failed at raising you properly. 7. Take the trash on your way down. 8. I’m going to leave you the house and go away. 9. I had bad luck with my kids. 10. Do I look like a maid that your father hired for you? 11. Come help me with the house work 12. What if I come and find it? When you lose something 13. Go study.