Maha Mohamed

7 Things You Hear From Your Egyptian Mom On A School Day

School days are filled with memories that we will never forget, like waking up early, catching the buss, and going to class. Although we may have lived different experiences in school, one thing we have in common is the list of things our Egyptian moms told us everyday. Check it out!

1. Eat your food

Whether your food was wrapped in a plastic bag or neatly placed in a lunchbox, you HAD to finish it all. You simply were not allowed to come back home with leftover food, even it meant giving it to someone or even throwing it away.

2. Drink your milk

It doesn’t matter how old you , your Egyptian mother will always force you to drink your milk, even if you don’t like it. How else would you grow up?

3. Listen to your teacher

Because all Egyptian mothers automatically assume that their kids are disobedient little devils.

4. You’re going to miss the bus

Even when it’s still 5 AM and the bus hasn’t even arrived yet, your mother will make sure to point out that you’re going to miss your ride to school.

5. Be quiet in class

This was the hardest thing ever for talkative kids!

6. Don’t spend all of your allowance

But why would you give me money if you don’t want me to spend it…

7. Don’t cause any trouble during recess

After 4 consecutive classes, all we wanted to do was run and play during recess. You can’t take that away from us.