Karlos Anis

Types Of Egyptian Facebook Users

If you’re active on Facebook, you may have encountered these Egyptian Facebook profiles.

1. The deep one

This type has (of course) a black and white profile photo and worships Mahmoud Darwish. All of his statuses are written in “fus7a” because he’s serious like that. Oh and expect the deepest inspirational quotes about life and death.

2. The player

This one is always trying to get girls! And when the semester starts, he’ll do anything to help out girl students in college through Facebook – even if he’s a law major and she’s in business. Yup, he’s ALWAYS willing to help.

3. The debater

The debater always shares the latest news and his cherished opinions, and he’ll attack anyone that’s opposed to his commentary.

4. The mysteriously silent profile

No social activity on Facebook whatsoever, except for profile changes once in a while. You’ll even forget you have him as a FB friends. If anything, he’s only active on Messenger and only that!!!

5. The human GPS

You’ll always know his whereabouts, his life story and his relationships. You’re not following a person, you’re following a news wire service like Reuters.