Ghossoun Hagag08 May 2020

5 Places That Come Alive In Egypt During Ramadan

Egyptians have always found a way to make a Ramadan a very special month, from the religious practices, to the iftar gatherings, to the places that come alive late at night. But sadly due to the current lockdown, things have taken a different turn this year. However, that won’t stop us from reminiscing and pretending we’re at one of these amazing spots mentally.

1- Al-Sayeda Zeinab:

This is the most spiritual place to spend Ramadan, especially with its fascinating oriental atmosphere.

Playing “tawla” at one of the old cafes, enjoying suhoor at the local restaurants, sipping on sobia at Al Rahmani, and finally praying at the mosque before heading home.

2- El-Moez Street:

One of the most lively streets in Egypt, El Moez is a go-to during Ramadan. Big crowds of chattering people come together for iftar, and then spend the rest of the night snapping pictures, feasting on dessert, laughing out loud, and having a genuinely good time.

3- 3am Bashandy

3am Bashandy’s suhoor is truly like no other. It will leave you feeling full and satisfied for the rest of the day, AND it’s super affordable which only adds to its charm. Good luck stepping foot there during Ramadan, it’s a crowd favorite!

4- El Maamoura Beach:

No one misses El Maamoura beach like Alexandrians do! They would enjoy their iftar and suhoor right by the beach. Can’t think of a better way to break your fast and spend some downtime with your loved ones!

5- 3am 3atiyah

One of the most popular suhoor spots in Maadi, you can find 3am 3atiyah in front of Maadi Grand Mall. Just search for the huge crowd of hungry people and you’re there!

This Ramadan might have been different for many, as we had to spend it at home. But soon enough, we’ll be back to all our favorite places!