Marwa El Kastawy

Types Of Egyptian People At Weddings – Part One

Now that summer is over and the weddings have come to an end, we’ve decided to round up all the different types of people you’ve met at these special occasions: 1. The one forced to attend The plan was for them to simply drop off their parents at the wedding, but then they were forced to attend and act happy about it. 2. The “3o2balak” group It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a wedding ring or if you have your children by your side, this group will yell “3o2balak” at you regardless. 3. The one actually happy to be there Unlike the first type, this group attends weddings at their own free will. You can see them smiling, socializing, and having a genuinely good time. 4. The buffet person This one’s only here for the food. 5. The annoying kid Is it really a wedding without at least one wild child photo-bombing all the pictures and annoying the bride and groom? 6. The good dancer This one shows up as soon as the couple are done slow dancing and the guests start flocking to the dance floor. They’ll do anything and everything to appear in front of the camera and they’ll bust their best moves to put on a show. 7. The one desperate for a husband/wife They’re only there to find their long lost partner, because what better place to find love than at a wedding?