Karlos Anis

5 People You’ll Meet During Military Service In Egypt

If you’ve served in the Egyptian military, you may have encountered these five characters! 1. The lazy one The lazy one who usually delegates his own tasks to other people and gets creative with excuses on why he can’t do his work. 2. The pretentious one Every time he gets the chance, he’ll show off his achievements and skills. He’ll even go on to brag about how he built the pyramids in Giza, LOL! 3.The note taker Always carrying a notepad, this person is taking notes non-stop. It seems that he went to the army just to take notes. Oh and, no one knows whether he’s a spy, writing what people owe him in the military unit, or he’s simply journaling. 4. The one who’s in love This guy has a secret phone to call his girlfriend every day. And it’s always flirtations, love songs, and poems. No one can ever disturb his cherished phone calls! 5. The “Sika” This type some kind of connection to an officer so no one dares mess with him. People ought to be on his good side so they don’t get in trouble.