جوانا دوره

4 Exceptional Ramadan Tents In Cairo To Visit This Month

Ramadan nights are back, and so are the Ramadan tents! There’s a variety of Ramadan tents in Cairo rocking the Ramadan iftar vibes. We’re all in for the ambiance and decorations, hearty food, live entertainment, and more!

If you find yourself struggling with the countless choices this holy month, check out our list of some of the best Ramadan tents Cairo has to offer in 2023.

Layalina Tent

Sponsored by high-profile companies in the country and available at two different locations, the Layalina tent is present in Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski and ZED Park Sheikh Zayed. With exciting names taking care of the entertainment aspect, the vibes in Layalina Tent are fun, amusing, and enjoyable! The view, the ambiance, and the food are all top-notch!

Goz W Loz Tent

On the terrace of Hilton Cairo Zamalek, the Goz W Loz Ramadan Tent features a traditional Ramadan authentic mood and wonderful oriental live entertainment during weekends. The view on the terrace is stunning as it overlooks the majestic Nile, and the food is appetizing. Enjoy a night to remember under the dazzling night sky of Cairo.

Mawlay Experience

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy their Mediterranean meal inside the ravishing royal dining hall of Abdeen Palace accompanied by an exclusive tour that will leave them in awe. Avail of the elegance of the surroundings while receiving top-notch service from non-other than Four Seasons Hotel Cairo.

Shahrazat Tent

Serving hearty Ramadan favorites in addition to a delightful variety of signature oriental options, Shahrazat Ramadan Tent in Cairo is your place to go. Providing exceptional Ramadan vibes, warm ambiance, and savory food, Shahrazat Tent is the perfect mix of fancy and entertaining. Book your table now for an exceptional time.