Egypt “Om El Dunia” Or “Om El Ajban”? Let’s See What’s In Store At Giza’s Cheese Festival

We know you’ve heard the phrase Misr om el dunia, but did you know that it’s also om el ajban? And you’re about to see why.

For the first time ever, a festival will take place in Giza to celebrate Egyptian cheeses (yes, really), sponsored by the Egyptian Tourism Authority. At the festival, you’ll find many local producers who will be displaying their creations just for you! We are not surprised that we’ve dedicated an entire festival to cheese, considering how often it makes its way onto the Egyptian table (even into desserts).

Mark your calendars because the festival will be taking place from December 22nd until the 26th!

Fun fact: the origin of the word Halloum, referring to Halloumi cheese, is actually Egyptian.

Let’s see some of the most unique and delicious Egyptian cheeses.

1. Quraish Cheese

It’s also known as goat cheese, but this is a better name (in our opinion). While you can find this anywhere else in the world, Egyptians’ love for fatty foods means their version of this cheese is a bit fattier—which means it’s even more delicious.

2. Roumy Cheese

You’re right, this cheese doesn’t necessarily have to be from Egypt, but before you try to correct us, Egyptian roumy cheese looks nothing like anything you’ve ever seen.

3. Ricotta Cheese

It’s also called whey cheese, but did you know why? Because it is made with whey, the by-product of cheesemaking! It contains the lowest percentage of sodium compared to other cheeses, which make it one of the best to use on pizzas and pastas.

4. Falamank Cheese

The origin of the word falamank is ya basha. Why? Because it is one of the most delicious on cheeses the market, so it deserves a salutation.

We told you that Egypt is om el ajban!