Our 5 Favorite Coffee Spots in Cairo

Craving a good cup of coffee? Here’s a mini guide!

1. The Seven Coffee Shop

The Seven Coffee Shop is an American-inspired café with relaxing music, delicious desserts, and light coffee.

2. Attibassi

Coffee lovers worry not! Attibassi has more than ten different types of coffee, and you’ll want to try every single one. They also serve coffee shots. Could this be your favorite coffee spot in Cairo? Check it out and let us know what you think!

3. 30 NORTH Coffee

Some good coffee and a delicious bite during your breaks. This place is perfect for workaholics. And yes, their brunch menu is as delicious as ever.

4. Second Cup: Egypt

This lovely cafe also serves up excellent bakes, so you can enjoy your café latte with a side of fresh pastry — the perfect breakfast!

5. Osana Family Wellness

With its natural vibes and otherworldly coffee, Osana is finally up and running again! Make your way to this hidden gem for a much-needed sip of their superior drinks and activities.