Maha Mohamed

Discover The Magical Area Of Fayyum

Who said Egypt was just pyramids? Here’s how you can make the most out of the magical area of Fayyum.

Nature Reserves:

Lake Qarun

This popular weekend spot is surrounded with cafes and wedding pavilions.

Wadi Al-Hitan or Valley of whales

A paleontological site that is an absolute treasure trove of fossils documenting the whale’s transition from land mammal to sea creature. There are over 1500 skeletons!

Wadi Rayan:

Located less than two hours away from Cairo, Wadi El Rayan is one of Egypt’s most famous nature reserves. Egyptian wildlife can also be seen in the area including white gazelles, Egyptian gazelles, sand foxes and fennec foxes, as well as rare species of resident birds, migrant birds and various kinds of eagles and falcons.

Pharaonic artifacts:

Medinet Madi Ruins

A magical place of ruins and treasures. Walls, columns, monuments, tombs, and so much more.

Hawara pyramid

The famous “black pyramid” is an intact (pyramid) tomb of Neferu-Ptah, daughter of Amenemhet III, a pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt.

Senusret obelisk

About 13 meters high, the red-granite obelisk stands proud at the entrance.

Greek and Roman ruins:

Dimeh es-Seba

This anciety spot was an important religious center with an imposing temple dedicated to the god Soknopaios.


The archaeological site contains the ruins of a Ptolemaic temple of the Egyptian crocodile Pnepheros.


A Graeco-Roman town with extensive ruins that will take your breath away.