Ahmad Lateif

Things You Hear From Every Egyptian Father

Egyptian fathers are on a different level when it comes to their humor and anecdotes. Here are some things we’ve all heard from our Egyptian dad: 1. Your mom was always chasing me. 2. Don’t you have anything else to wear? 3. When I was your age I used to work till sunset. 4. Silly spoiled generation. 5. Stay with your delinquent friends. 6. Make me a cup of tea. 7. When I was your age, girls were all over me. 8. You don’t know to change the gas tank? Fragile generation. 9. Don’t be scared of me, treat me like your friend. 10. This is my house and whoever doesn’t like it can leave. 11. Don’t you have school? 12. When will you become a man? 13. If a stranger told you they’re your dad’s friend don’t believe them. 14. Keep an eye on your phone so it doesn’t get stolen, you don’t matter. 15. Stay with your mom.