Maha Mohamed

4 People You Will Meet During Every Sebou’ Ceremony

A sebou’ ceremony is a joyous event where family and friends gather to celebrate and honor the newborn baby. But, even during these wonderful occasions, you’ll meet some pretty random people.

Let me walk you through the 4 characters that you will definitely meet during every sebou’ ceremony.

1.The Observer

This can be either one person or a group of people who don’t have anything better to do than to judge every detail of the ceremony, from the balloons to the food, then of course the guests.

2. The Photographer

This person is always ready to take a picture of everything around him/her. And watch out, they always have pictures from the worst angles and can easily blackmail anyone!

3. The Mooching Mother

The mother who will send her kids to get her extra food, extra balloons…or just anything they can take back home!

4. The Happy Person

This person is a bundle of joy, always dancing and bouncing. Everyone loves being around him/her to enjoy the moment and rejoice.