Amr Chahine

3 Adaweyah Songs That Are Actually Covers

Our favorite sha’abi music singer, Adaweyah is known for so many hits! However, you will be very surprised to know that some of his most well-known songs were actually covers, originally produced by other artists.

Check them out here!

Ya Bta3 el Tofa7

Let’s kick things off with this incredible mawwal, originally by Abdulghani El-Sayyed in 1944.

7ilo w Kaddab

Between Adaweyah and the great Abdul Halim is a complex and quirky relationship that started out with both musicians poking a little bit of fun at the other one’s music.

They eventually became close friends and after Abdul Halim’s death, Adaweyah famously covered 7ilo w Kaddab.

Ya Zayid el Halawa

A great voice that was silenced too soon, Ezzat Awadallah was murdered and the killer never found. He was made known by Naguib Mahfouz who mentioned him in the novel Miramar.

This song was originally written and performed by Awadallah, but made famous by Adawiyah.


Sayyid Makkawi and Adawiyah were close friends who collaborated on a few songs, AlHidiya being one. They collaborated on the recording on Lelit Mbari7 Ma Ganeesh Nom along with Nadia Mustafa!