Abdelrahman Shoaib •

Money Saving Tips That Won’t Kill Your Social Life In Egypt

We all could use some money saving!

1. Transportation

Ubers, Careems, and Taxis will end up costing you a lot of money for no reason at all. Opt for public busses or the metro. They’ll all get you where you’re headed!

2. Don’t leave the house with a lot of cash

Carrying a lot of money can sometimes be the way to spend a lot, so take exactly what you’ll need and you won’t over-spend.

3. Think your food orders through

We all know how tempting it can be to blow a bunch of money on food delivery and orders, think long and hard before ordering. You can have a pretty great meal for cheap in Cairo!

4. Ask around before buying something

Don’t ask salespeople, opt for asking people if they know of better prices for things you have on your list.

5. Don’t book anything online

Although it can be convenient, buying and booking things online tends to be pricy. Go out into the markets and search for whatever you need.