Abdelrahman Shoaib

The Best Fast Food Spots In Cairo

Looking for great eats? Here are our faves!

1. Belal

Belal is a chain of restaurants that we absolutely love. Their service is good, their food is really tasty and their prices are reasonable. Most of the food they make is known in Egypt, like Shawarma and chicken liver. The good thing here is that no matter how much you want to spend money on the food, you will eat and still feel full! The owner of the restaurant has opened a cafe next to the restaurant, it is called “Halima”.

2. Zack’s Fried Chicken

Zack has amazing sandwiches and is famous for their delicious chicken. One of their must try’s is the Jaw Breaker Sandwich. The food there is really delicious and the meal is massive, although their prices aren’t very cheap, they are reasonable.

3. Willy’s Kitchen