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Heated Reactions To Controversial Pyramid Renovation News

The renovation of the Menkaure Pyramid at Giza hailed as the “Project of the Century” by Mustafa Waziri of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, has stirred intense reactions. The ambitious plan involves re-cladding the pyramid with granite blocks, aiming to restore its original grandeur. This news has sparked a debate on social media, with various opinions and reactions surfacing.

Oh, brilliant idea! @3morPianist_V2 suggested, sarcastically, “Why not jazz up the pyramid by slapping on some Egyptian flag colors?”

We all know arab fathers make random decisions, right? @mariamnocontext is comparing the pyramid’s renovation decision to one of her dad’s!

Asmaa wishes she can visit the Pyramids before they turn into a cabaret.

While Souad El Syaed is on a quest for pyramid farewell companions.

With a tweet filled with sarcasm and political notes. Amir said that the pyramid renovation reminds him of himself during exams – facing issues in the curriculum, but solving completely unrelated problems, like rearranging the desk for better lighting. Amir is hinting that there are way more important problems to tackle in the country.