جوانا دوره

Your Guide To Cairo’s Best Bubble Tea Havens!

Get cozy and join us as we spill the tea on Cairo’s most sweet and bubbly spots that promise a sip-worthy Bubble Tea experience!

1. Boba Bear: Where Every Sip is a Celebration!

Step into Cairo Boba Bear’s wonderland, offering a dazzling array of 12 bubble tea varieties. From ‘Tiramisu Milk Tea’ to ‘Mocha Coffee Boba’, their creativity knows no bounds. Don’t miss the crowd-pleaser, Brown Sugar Boba, and be sure to try their latest gem – the tempting TARO Boba! Here’s a secret: their mochis are just as good if not better!

2. ZenZoo: Taiwanese Bliss in Every Sip!

Experience the charm of Taiwanese bubble tea at ZenZoo in the heart of Cairo. They proudly bring you the first authentic Taiwanese bubble tea in Egypt, promising sweetness, creaminess, and an authentic Thai tea vibe that’ll transport you across borders.

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3. Feng Cha: Cozy Up to Chinese Boba Magic!

Tucked next to the iconic Kokio in Maadi, Feng Cha is your cozy corner for bubble tea bliss in Cairo. Opt for the magic of their ‘Brown Sugar Dirty Boba Tea,’ sweetened with dark brown sugar. And yes, don’t hesitate to order that extra-extra-extra boba – they get it!

4. Moishi: Japanese Flair and Zesty Adventures!

Craving a taste of Japan? Moishi has you covered! Start with their Japanese Shrimp Sando and switch it up with a Yuzu boba – a citrusy delight that’s a rare find in Cairo. But if you prefer something more basic, their matcha bubble tea is pure bliss!

5. Arabicaa, Cairo: From Coffee to Bubble Tea Bliss!

Ever tried bubble tea soft serve? Arabicaa just made it happen! This cafe is the talk of the town, and it’s not just about coffee! From milkshakes to frappes, bubble tea to hot drinks, they’ve got it all. Check out their latest creation – the Dulce De Leche Frappé with bubbles. A sip of sweetness to brighten your day!