جوانا دوره

The Newest Dessert Spot In Cairo Brought Us The Viral Italian Maritozzi!

If you haven’t yet experienced the indulgent pleasure of maritozzi, then you’re in for a treat! Sherlock Patisserie, the newest sensation in Zamalek, Cairo, has been tantalizing taste buds for the past five weeks with its delectable maritozzi—a delightful Italian pastry that has taken the city by storm.

First things first – what’s a maritozzo, you ask? Well, it is a small bun made of enriched dough, almost like a fancy brioche, generously stuffed with dreamy whipped cream. Are you drooling yet? Because we are!

Maritozzi Magic At Cairo’s Sherlock Patisserie: Pilowwy And Soft!

Now, let us spill the tea on why Sherlock Patisserie is the talk of the town. The reviews are pouring in, and people in Cairo can’t get enough of their maritozzi magic. Soft, pillowy dough? Check. Mouthwatering flavors like strawberry, caramel, pistachio, and hazelnut chocolate? Double check. The strawberry maritozzo is our favorite – it’s like a fluffy cloud, hugging strawberry sauce and a generous swirl of strawberry-flavored chantilly cream.

Cairo’s Sherlock Patisserie is not only about Maritozzi, they are also making waves with their funky fresh cookies. Think vibrant colors that’ll make your Instagram feed pop! Go green with pistachio, rock the red velvet cheese with polka dots, or channel your inner Cookie Monster with a blue monster cookie. It’s a cookie carnival that’s as trendy as it gets!

Now, we know what you’re thinking – sugar overload, right? Fear not! Sherlock Patisserie has your back with the Turkish mix cheese borek. Pillowy, flaky, and the perfect antidote to balance out all that sweetness.

Local Delicacies With A Twist

And for my local foodies, Sherlock Patisserie hasn’t forgotten you! They’re putting a twist on traditional kunafah, offering flavors like Bueno and butter caramel. Are you up for this kunafah revolution?

So, dessert aficionados, if you’re in Cairo, make a beeline for Sherlock Patisserie in Zamalek for some Maritozzi. You are in for a wild ride, and you’ll be thanking us later. Happy indulging!