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Cairo’s Hot Chocolate Haven: 17 Irresistible Spots (Prices Included)

As winter winds sweep through Cairo, there’s nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a steaming cup of hot chocolate to warm your soul. From Parisian elegance to childhood nostalgia, Cairo boasts an array of hot chocolate spots that cater to every taste.

1. Ladurée – A Parisian Affair (149 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Indulge in an authentic Parisian experience with Ladurée’s hot chocolate. Priced at 149 LE, it’s on the expensive side, but the high-quality cocoa powder and the whipped cream on the side make it worth the splurge. For a touch of whimsy, pair it with a croissant and recreate that viral shot.

2. Brown Nose – Childhood in a Cup (90 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Priced at a reasonable 90 LE, Brown Nose offers a nostalgic journey with its Nesquik-tasting hot chocolate. It’s a cup of warmth that’ll take you back to the comforting flavors of childhood.

3. House of Cocoa – Legendary Indulgence (105 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

House of Cocoa presents a legendary hot chocolate experience. Starting with a base of melted milk chocolate, they add milk and top it with crushed milk and dark chocolate. Opt for extra-hot to witness the full melting of the chocolate layers.

4. Chocolate Factory – Sweet and Rich (95 LE for a medium cup)
hot chocolate Cairo

With layers of melted milk, white, and dark chocolate, Chocolate Factory’s hot chocolate is a sweet and rich delight. Adjust the sweetness by choosing a dark chocolate layer at the bottom.

5. Moko – Thick and Rich (90 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Moko’s hot chocolate is known for its thickness, with a decadent chocolate piece on top. The dark choice offers a robust cocoa flavor, satisfying even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs.

6. Koffee Kulture – Chocolate Bomb on a Stick (110 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Experience a chocolate bomb on a stick at Koffee Kulture in Cairo. Dip the stick in super-hot milk, watch the chocolate melt, and enjoy the cocoa powder and goodies. Priced at 110 LE, it’s a unique and interactive hot chocolate experience.

7. Hans and Gretel – Magical Belgian Chocolate (85 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

With magical Belgian chocolate priced at 85 LE, Hans and Gretel offer a smooth and rich hot chocolate experience. Pair it with their signature chimney cakes for the ultimate indulgence.

8. Dip N Dip – Pot of Belgian Decadence (237 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Priced at 237 LE, Dip N Dip’s Belgian hot chocolate in Cairo, served in a pot with vanilla bean whipped cream, offers a scrumptious and sweet choice of dark or milk chocolate. Pick your favorite, and enjoy!

9. Shanhal Chocolate Cafe – Thick Belgian Decadence (Price upon request)
hot chocolate Cairo

Shanhal Chocolate Cafe in Cairo is causing a stir with its super thick Belgian hot chocolate. Perfect for warming your soul on the coolest days. Pair it with their signature chocolate-shaped lipsticks.

10. Espresso Lab – Indulgent Variety (80-110 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Espresso Lab presents a wide variety of hot chocolates, including Mocha Hot Chocolate, White Mocha Hot Chocolate, Mandarine Hot Chocolate, Creme Brulee Hot Chocolate, Caramel Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, and Vanilla Hot Chocolate.

11. 30 North Coffee – Nutty and Sweet (110 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

A must-try is the peanut butter hot chocolate at 30 North Coffee in Cairo—nutty and sweet, a perfect combination.

12. Cake Cafe – Sweet Pairing (69 LE + Add-Ons)
hot chocolate Cairo

Indulge in the perfect pairing of hot chocolate and a fresh piece of cake at Cake Cafe, Cairo. Choose from flavors like Irish cream, hazelnut, or vanilla to customize your treat.

13. KalliBeans – Brownies and More (starting at 70 LE +)
hot chocolate Cairo

Cairo’s Kalli Beans offers hot chocolate brownies, Kinder hot chocolate, and Smores hot chocolate, catering to every chocolate lover’s dream.

14. ChouChou – Valrhona Elegance (150 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Craving a luxurious experience? Cairo’s Chou Chou’s Éclair Bar presents Valrhona Hot Chocolate in enticing flavors such as Hazelnut, Mint, and Caramel, priced at 150 LE.

15. Ovio – Christmas Delight (89 LE)
hot chocolate Cairo

Ovio’s Belgian hot chocolate is undeniably delectable. Priced at 89 LE, it’s a festive treat that can be paired with their signature Christmas sweets, including pancakes or gingerbread cookies. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with this delightful hot chocolate experience.

16. Bouchee – Italian Elegance (95 LE – 135 LE with marshmallows)
hot chocolate Cairo

Bouchee’s Italian hot cocoa strikes the perfect balance of sweetness. Topped with roasted marshmallows, it adds an extra layer of indulgence to your chocolatey experience.

17. Vasko – White Chocolate Indulgence (70 LE)

Indulge in the creamy and decadent White Hot Chocolate at Vasko, priced at 70.00 LE. Made with white chocolate, this hot chocolate variation adds a touch of luxury to your cocoa experience.

As the chilly weather sets in, explore Cairo’s diverse hot chocolate havens and treat yourself to a cup of liquid warmth that transcends time and taste.