Sherine Mansour

Looking For A New Activity? Head To One Of These Art Spaces In Cairo!

Ready to spice up your routine with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of fun? Cairo’s got the perfect trio of art spaces where art, relaxation, and joy collide in the most fantastic way possible. Get ready to paint, play, and discover your inner artist in places that are not just Instagram-worthy but memory-worthy too!

1. Woods Artground: Art Oasis in the City Jungle
art space cairo

Tired of the concrete jungle? Head to Cairo’s Woods art space, where the real jungle meets your artistic cravings. This everyday escape is like a playground for your creativity. It’s not just about art; it’s about vibes, laughter, and connecting with fellow art enthusiasts. And guess what? It’s only around 110 to 150 Egyptian pounds for an activity full of fun, art, and good times!

2. Ahimsa Egypt: Pottery Zen by the Nile
Art space Cairo

For an artistic experience that’s as serene as it is creative, head to Ahimsa Egypt. Nestled by the Nile, this place not only offers top-notch painting activities but also throws in some yoga, workshops, and retreats for that extra oomph. It’s an art haven with a perfect Nile view, and the painting experience is yours for around 250 Egyptian pounds. Pro tip: Ahimsa’s pottery activities are exclusively available on weekends, so plan your artistic escape accordingly.

3. Il Pennello Ceramic Café: Eat, Paint, Love!
Art space Cairo

In the vibrant neighborhoods of Zayed, Maadi, and Heliopolis, Il Pennello Ceramic Café stands tall as an art space, restaurant, and bar—all rolled into one artistic delight right here in Cairo. Take your pick – be it a funky sculpture or a mug. After you’ve painted your ceramic masterpiece, they’ll work their magic in the oven, so you can take home a piece of your creativity. Prices range from 150 to 300 Egyptian pounds but trust us, it’s worth every penny for the fun and fabulous creations you’ll whip up!

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