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8 Spots For “Halawet El Mouled” Treats In Cairo!

Calling all sweet-tooth enthusiasts! The Prophet’s Birthday is just around the corner, which means it is time to savor the best “Halawet El Mouled”! If you’re in Cairo and looking to add an extra dose of sweetness to your celebration, get ready for an exhilarating journey through the best spots for Halawet El Mouled boxes. Brace yourselves for a sugar rush like never before!

1. Amir El Domiaty:
1. Amir El Domiaty: Cairo's Halawet El Mouled

Amir El Domiaty is a treasure trove of Halawet El Mouled wonders. Picture this: almond brittle, hazelnut brittle, sweet peanuts treats, pistachios brittle, sesame seeds brittle, and nougat—all ready to tantalize your taste buds. But here’s the kicker—chocolate-coated Brittles, Qamar Eldin Swissroll packets, and marshmallows with nuts, too! All are available in various shapes and sizes! Sweet dreams are made of these!

2. Dukes Egypt:
2. Dukes Egypt:

It’s not just a treat; it’s a visual spectacle! Dukes in Cairo has taken Halawet El Mouled to a whole new level of artistic delight. In addition to the classic options, Dukes will blow your mind with their latest halawet el Mouled treat: Halawet El Mouled ice cream! Yes, you read that right!

3. Tseppa:
Tseppa Cairo's Halawet El Mouled

Prepare for a burst of color and flavor at Tseppa! Their Halawet El Mouled boxes are like a carnival of treats making them one of the best spots for Halawet El Mouled in all of Cairo! Unwrap the excitement and discover a world of nut brittles, nougat, and other delightful surprises, all in playful shapes and sizes. It’s a party for your taste buds!

4. Chocolate Factory Egypt:
4. Chocolate Factory Egypt: Cairo's Halawet El Mouled

Calling all chocolate aficionados! Chocolate Factory Egypt is your paradise. Imagine the velvety richness of chocolate blending with the crunch of nut brittles and the smoothness of nougat. It’s a heavenly symphony of flavors that’ll make you dance with joy!

5. Voila Dessert:

Fancy a touch of luxury? Voila Dessert’s got you covered. Their Halawet El Mouled boxes come in opulent choices like the Luxury Drawer box and the Vintage Wooden box, all holding a treasure trove of delights, including sesame seed brittles and sweet nougat. The presentation is as exquisite as the flavors making these boxes the best gifts for the occasion.

6. Tortina Shop:
6. Tortina Shop:

Craving a unique twist? Tortina Shop’s Coconut Macarons are a delightful surprise! Choose your favorite box shape and size and fill it with all the goodness. Enjoy the unexpected yet delightful flair to traditional Mouled treats!

7. Nola Cupcakes:
7. Nola Cupcakes: Cairo's Halawet El Mouled

Cairo’s Nola Cupcakes, known for their creativity, have curated Halawet El Mouled boxes that are a true masterpiece. Discover a symphony of flavors with ingredients like nut brittles, nougat, and playful Qamar Eldin Swissroll additions. It’s a celebration of taste!

8. Sale Sucre Patisserie:
8. Sale Sucre Patisserie:

Let the culinary artistry of Sale Sucre Patisserie in Cairo sweep you off your feet. Their Halawet El Mouled options are a testament to their expertise, showcasing delicate bite-size almond brittles, nougat, and more. Each bite is pure bliss! Be sure to check out their splendid wooden boxes for the perfect gift for your loved ones!

This Prophet’s Birthday, let your taste buds take a joyous ride through Cairo’s Halawet El Mouled wonderland! Want to pair your Halawet El Mouled box with some flowers? Here are 4 Of The Best Flower Shops In Cairo!