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Noha Suleiman

Egyptian Movie Sequels: The Return Of Our Favorite Characters!

Lights, camera, nostalgia! Get ready to embark on a cinematic journey through time as we dive into the exciting world of Egyptian movie sequels. These gems, some of which date back to the ’90s, are making a dazzling comeback! Grab your popcorn, because it’s time to have some fun with some of the best Egyptian movies of all time!

1. “Sa’eedi fil Gam’a Al-Amrikiya” (1998): Khalaf’s American Adventure!

1. "Sa'eedi fil Gam'a Al-Amrikiya" (1998): Khalaf's American Adventure Movie!

Remember Khalaf Al Dahshori, the small-town Egyptian student who ventured into the American University in Cairo back in 1998? Well, he’s back! In the sequel, we’re itching to find out if Khalaf still has his Upper Egyptian charm or if he’s been thoroughly “Americanized.” Will he stick to his roots, or has the allure of the modern world proven too tempting? It’s like a high-stakes cultural showdown, and we’re all invited!

2. “Bank El Hazz” (2017): A Heist with a Side of Dreams!

egyptian movie: 2. "Bank El Hazz" (2017): A Heist with a Side of Dreams!

“Bank El Hazz” is another highly anticipated sequel set to follow the 2017 original. Picture this: a bank employee, a former co-worker, and a video gamer team up for a bank heist. This thrilling story and its characters left a lasting impression on audiences, making the sequel a much-anticipated event.

3. “Al-Nazeer” (2000): Salah Al-Din’s School Dilemma!

3. "Al-Nazeer" (2000): Salah Al-Din's School Dilemma!

In the original movie, Salah Al-Din, inherits a school he proved incapable of managing. Chaos took over, of course! In this sequel entitled “Ebn El Nazeer”, we’re diving into the deep end of school management shenanigans. Will the son of Salah Al-Din do a better job? Expect hilarious moments and a lesson or two in leadership! Who knew running a school could be this entertaining?

4. “Keda Reda” (2007): Love Triangles and Identical Triplets!

4. "Keda Reda" (2007): Love Triangles and Identical Triplets!

Identical triplets, named Reda by their conman father, are back with their distinct personalities. In part 1, they all fell head over heels for the same woman, Nadia! Will there be a dose of sibling rivalry and romantic entanglements again in part 2? What we’re certainly sure about is that it will keep you laughing and guessing till the credits roll!

5. “Oulad Rizk” (2015): Crime, Family, and Loyalty!

5. "Oulad Rizk" (2015): Crime, Family, and Loyalty!

Meet the Rizk brothers: committed to a life of crime with a promise to quit someday. But when a deal goes south, things get messy. In this action-packed sequel, expect adrenaline-pumping scenes, heated arguments, and a showdown with a notorious crime lord. Will they finally decide that crime doesn’t pay, or is there more chaos to come?

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