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6 Old Egyptian Movies Every 90s Kid Grew Up Watching (And Rewatching!)

From the golden age of Egyptian cinema to the classics that still captivate audiences today, old Egyptian movies have left an indelible mark on the history of Arab cinema. With iconic actors, rich storylines, and memorable songs, these films have played a significant role in shaping the cultural heritage of Egypt and the broader Middle East. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane to explore the magic of old Egyptian movies.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to recall a world of cinematic brilliance with these old Egyptian movies!

1. El Tagrubah El Danemarkiyyah (2003)

In the film, Qadri, played by Adel Imam, is a widowed minister with four adult sons. Nicole Saba, a Lebanese singer, makes her acting debut as Aneta Henry Gothenburg, a blonde Danish student visiting Egypt for university. Aneta stays with Qadri and his family, which results in hilarious cultural clashes. Qadri and his sons fall for Aneta, creating a conflict. However, after a heated argument, Qadri ultimately chooses to stay with his sons. The film explores themes of love, family, and cultural differences in a comedic manner. Aneta was your childhood crush too, wasn’t she?

2. El Basha Telmeez (2004)

The movie explores themes of the negative influence of money and lack of parental guidance on children, and the state of corrupt educational institutions. The police, led by General Azmy, investigates a group of students involved in illegal activities, including drug dealing. Lieutenant Bassiouny is sent undercover to infiltrate the group, and as the story progresses, he becomes emotionally attached to them. However, he ultimately manages to arrest the real drug dealers, who are revealed to be the university managers.

3. Fool El Seen El Azeem (2004)

“Fool El Seen El Azeem” is a lighthearted comedy that blends slapstick humor with elements of romance and adventure. In this old Egyptian movie, Mohahamd Henedi’s family sends him to China to take part in a cooking competition, where he falls in love with his Chinese assistant, Lee, who imparts traditional Chinese wisdom and teachings. Meanwhile, the rookie gangster takes part in a criminal operation and screws up, so his enemies come after him for revenge. The movie is filled with numerous comedy scenes and an interesting story.

4. Keda Reda (2007)

Three identical triplets, Prince, Bebo, and Semsem (played by Ahmed Helmy), use their striking resemblance to trick people and gain advantages. However, their schemes come to a halt when they encounter a cunning psychiatrist named Suleiman al-Halabi, who outsmarts them.

5. Ramadan Mabrouk Abu El Alamein Hamouda (2008)

5. Ramadan Mabrouk Abu El Alamein Hamouda (2008) - old Egyptian movie

A teacher leaves his impoverished village for a job teaching at a private school in Cairo. At the new school, the majority of students are children of ministers and businessmen who give him a hard time, especially after falling in love with their favorite singer.

6. Ahlam Alfata al Tayesh (2007)

6. Ahlam alfata al tayesh - old egyptian movie

Starring Nelly Karim and Ramez Galal, Ahlam Alfata al Tayesh is a comedy about a happy and simple-minded teenager and how he deals with falling in love with a very famous actress. Are we the only ones to still remember Wahid’s loud ringtone?!