Noha Suleiman

5 Must-Try Brunch Spots In Cairo

Here are some must-try delicious brunch spots in Cairo, grab your friends and sample them all! Pancakes and delectable eggs await.

1. Lucille’s Restaurant

This spot specializes in the most delicious pancakes, waffles, and eggs, each of which will keep you coming back for more. What we love about this café is how they use local ingredients to make their dishes, all of which are delectable.

If you are looking for hearty breakfasts or burgers at any time of the day, this is one place you want to check out! Try the cheesecake for dessert—it’s one of our favorites!

2. The Garden Café

The Garden Café is a great place to start your day. The friendly atmosphere and delicious food make this an ideal place for a relaxing brunch. If you want something sweet, opt for their freshly brewed coffee paired with a slice of cake.

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy sandwich, we recommend the club sandwich and the smoked salmon sandwich with an omelet. And, if you’re feeling extra hungry, try pasta or shrimp!

3. Zeitoun Café

You’ll find yourself transported to the heart of Morocco at Zeitoun Café. This unique restaurant offers a magical dining experience, with delicious food and an atmosphere that takes you back in time. From a menu of carefully crafted dishes to their impressive décor, this is one place you don’t want to miss while in Cairo.

The best dishes are pastilla with milk, eggs served with Egyptian bread, chicken tagine, and couscous.

4. Eish + Malh

One of Cairo’s most wonderful gems, Eish and Malh offers a unique approach to Italian food. Masterfully prepared dishes like homemade pasta, delicious pizzas, and creative salads are served in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

The restaurant is also famous for its pancakes, which are served with a variety of toppings such as honey, butter, and jam.

5. Eggspectation

This restaurant serves a delicious array of brunch items in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes visitors feel at home. With 25 branches around the world and counting, Eggspectation has become popular for its incredible brunch dishes.

A wide variety of pancakes, meat, egg, and chicken sandwiches on baguette or toast, and dips made using fresh ingredients are on the menu. The restaurant is also known for its scrumptious French onion soup, a dish that features caramelized onions and a secret blend of spices.