Noha Suleiman

Have You Tried Basterma Shawerma? This New Cairo Spot Is Now Open!

If you’ve ever been to Lebanon or heard of their famous shawarma, Basterma Mano will surely ring a few bells.

Dubbed one of the most beloved shawarma spots in Lebanon, Basterma Mano has been rocking the food scene since 1966. And is now extending its flavors beyond Lebanon. This small spot has mastered the art of creating hearty, flavorful shawarma sandwiches. And is ready to serve the shawarma obsessed in Cairo.

What makes Basterma Mano so unique?

Did you know that this Bourj Hammoud gem is one of the few restaurants serving up sausage shawarma in Lebanon? Famous for their perfectly spiced and freshly made shawarmas, sausages, basterma, and sojouk, you’ll fall in love with every bite (and Lebanon, of course).

Mano’s shawarma menu:

But surely, their menu is not limited to their famous sausage shawarma. You’ll find the yummiest meat shawarma sandwiches, made with 100% local soft and fatty meat and a mouthwatering filling that has been passed down for generations.

Our chicken lovers won’t be left behind. Because Basterma Mano’s grilled chicken shawarma sandwich is the toumiest and yummiest you’ll ever bite into.

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Other special sandwiches

Of course, anyone looking to try something new (although we can’t imagine that anyone would ever get bored of shawarma) can always feast on their other specialty sandwiches, from saucy fajitas to cheesy Philadelphia. Also, try mano’s Tawook sandwich and chicken chank. You will love it. Basterma Mano’s sandwiches are so delicious that they’ll leave you wanting more, but there is never enough of all of their flavors!

Have you ever visited this wonderful gem in Beirut? Those who haven’t had the chance, worry not! You’ll soon be able to taste a world of flavors at Basterma Mano’s new location in Cairo.

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