Noha Suleiman

8 Types Of People You Meet During Ramadan

With Ramadan coming up later this week, we’ve compiled a list of people you’re certainly going to come across.

1. The “hangry” one

Anger meets hunger with this character. They already have a very short temper, so imagine how pissed they would be without their morning cup of coffee.

2. The one who sleeps through the entire month

They sleep after suhour and only wake up minutes before iftar. Fasting done right.

3. The one who uses their fasting as an excuse for everything

This person will use, “I can’t, I’m fasting” for literally ANYTHING. Ask them to send an email? Put in a DVD? Meet you later for suhour? NOPE.

4. The over-eater

To compensate for their long fasting hours, this one will gorge themselves onto absolutely everything. Dates, soup, salad, appetizers, main dish, dessert, and juice, they’ve had a taste of it all.

5. The nag

Being hungry during Ramadan is inevitable, but this type will complain about it non-stop.

6. The one with the “resolution”

The resolution maker has to come up with a ‘to-do list’ for themselves, every single Ramadan. Quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthy, be kind, give to charity, feel grateful…basically, everything.

7. The one with a countdown

Feels a lot like New Year’s around this person and their iftar countdown.

8. The Ramadan series addict

This one literally waits for Ramadan just for the series. They know exactly what shows are airing when, and have all the timings committed to memory. Dedication.