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Tourists, Enjoy A 50% Discount On Egypt’s Natural Reserves

Egypt’s Ministry of Environment announced a 50% discount on tickets to encourage young people to visit natural reserves and protectorates.

According to Dr. Hoda El-Shawadfy, Assistant Minister of Environment for Environmental Tourism Affairs, Egypt has 30 natural reserves, 13 of which are designated for recreational and tourism activities.

Shawadfy mentioned that the “Eco Egypt” campaign has been launched to raise awareness about the nature reserves and what they contain, as well as the activities that can be carried out in them.

Shawadfi also stated in her interviews with the “Al-Mashhad” TV program on Sunday that the ministry is promoting ecotourism in the reserves through communication sites to attract young people, explaining that the coronavirus crisis, as well as people’s desire to visit open areas, has contributed to a significant increase in demand for reserves.

She explained that Ras Mohammed, Nabq, and the Petrified Forest are among Egypt’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

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