Discover Siwa Oasis, One of Egypt’s Most Charming Gems

The cheapest way to get to Siwa is by bus. The “West and Middle Delta Bus Company” is the only bus company offering transport to Siwa.

The Siwa Oasis is a small Egyptian village near the Libyan border. It’s best described as mysterious and gorgeous. It is obviously a destination for the adventurous.

In Egypt’s Siwa Oasis region, there are hundreds of salt pools and salt lakes. The pools are located outside of town, in a salt mine.

In Siwa, there are both hot and cold salt pools, as well as salty and freshwater springs. Each of these pools has its own set of health advantages and pleasures. The salt pools are particularly beneficial for sinus infections, as well as skin and eye diseases. You can float in them, just like in the Dead Sea! The cool and relaxing waters, stunning surroundings, and overall refreshing experience are not to be missed.

This tour will give you a chance to learn more about a different culture: Siwa’s locals, Egypt’s only Berbers, are distinct from other Egyptians with their unique traditions and language.

Handcrafted items such as jewelry, ornate dishes, and embroidered clothing are on display at the House of Siwa Museum, which gives visitors a closer look at local life.