Awad Saleeb

6 Delicious Seafood Restaurants In Alexandria

The first things that come to mind when we think of Alexandria are the sea and seafood. No matter what you’re craving or what your budget is, these 6 places will cater to your needs.

1. Houda Gondol Restaurant

For when it’s the end of the month and you’re on a tight budget, this restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in delicious food at reasonable prices. You can have a full meal of fish, shrimps, rice, salad and soup, all for 90 EGP. The small restaurant is open everyday except on Sundays, between 10 AM and 10 PM.

2. 3arous El Baher

If you’re a big group looking for a spacious place, head to 3arous El Baher and enjoy some decadent food followed by a warm cup of tea in the cafeteria, where you can also catch the latest football game.

3. Balbaa Village

Balbaa Village caters to big groups that may include people who don’t like seafood. They also serve an assortment of grilled poultry, aside from their delicious fresh fish. They have different branches across Cairo, you can find them in Downtown, Sidi Gaber, and Sidi Bishr. Although it can be a bit pricey, the experience is worth a visit.

4. Samakmak

Located in Kasr El Tin in Al Anfoushi, Samakmak is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Alexandria. Here, you can find all types of fish and shrimps, prepared and cooked in different ways but all equally delicious. The restaurant is a bit expensive but definitely a must-visit.

5. Zephyrion Seafood Restaurant

One of the few places that has reserved the beauty and magic of old Alexandria is Zephyrion Seafood Restaurant. Over 90 years old, the place serves unique platters and specialties that you can’t find anywhere else, like the oyster soup. Also a bit pricey, but definitely worth the money you pay.

6. The Greek Marine Club

Right next to the Citadel of Qaitbay, you’ll find the Greek Marine Club, which boasts a restaurant with two wings. Make sure you end up on the right wing to enjoy the spectacular sea view or the left wing to overlook the citadel from afar. Either way you’re a winner.

Make sure you call ahead to book your table, especially if you’re a big group. Enjoy!