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8 Ways An Egyptian Guy Tells You He Likes You Without Actually Saying it

Egyptian guys are not always straight forward, but we’ve learned to understand them. KIND OF. 1. He likes all your Instagram pictures at once Then hits the follow button three days later, reminding you of his existence. 2. When you ask him how he is doing, and he hits you with the famous line: “delwa2ti a7san”. 3. He uses “7elemet fike” as a conversation starter Kinda weird bro. 4. He tries hard to act cooler than he is This performance is sponsored by SAUVAGE perfume. 5. He sends you shirtless gym pictures to show off his GAINZ 6. He fills up his tank to take you out Okay, maybe he’s not THAT bad. 7. He shares his favorite memes with you Are you a crush or one of the guys? Up to you to figure it out. 8. He sends you articles to check out Because he’s an InTeLLeCtuAL.