Pepenero: An Italian Gem In The Heart Of Heliopolis

Pepenero is a beautiful Italian house with a gorgeous interior and stunning design specializing in traditional home-cooked Italian food.

They serve pure Italian food and their ambiance is so classy making it a great place for a date or for dining with friends, whilst enjoying a refreshing ice tea with delicious Italian dishes.

Pepenero is always the best place for the perfect Italian pizza! Their pizza crust is enough reason to keep coming back for more. Be sure to try their burrata pizza while you’re there. You won’t regret it!

The menu is imaginative and well-executed, we recommend the Insalata di Giardino option doused in rich olive oil, and the fresh citrus juice and topped with fresh veggies and zingy mint leaves.

The pasta is made fresh on-site so do try a few to sample the various shapes and forms: polpette al sugo con spaghetti, pollo peperoni e spaghetti, pollo pizzaiola with fusilli, and many more.