Noha Suleiman

Brioche Dorée: Adorable Bakery In The Heart Of Cairo

Brioche Dorée is known for its spectacular bread, but if you haven’t tried their croissants and dessert pastries you’re definitely missing out.

Their specialty? You guessed it. Fluffy, fresh, and warm croissants.

Almost everything is delicious here, from the viennoiserie to more elaborate pastries like pancakes.

The chocolate and banana tart are excellent and have an almost cult-like following. They’re very well baked with distinctive deep dark brown color and an exterior crumb that crunches like puff pastry. They also contain a generous amount of chocolate filling.

The crêpe is also special. The triangular sheets of puff pastry look like they were cut with lasers and the chocolate pastry cream is not too sweet and always flavorful.

Bon appétit!